In the midst of Christmas goodie making . . . Today we have made hot chocolate mix for all the neighbors. We packaged it in cute snowman and santa claus jars. I had enough ingredients to make some mix for us as well.

I just made myself some Russian Tea mix. I am sitting here enjoying a spicy cup as I type a quick note for my journal. I think I will take some of this mix to my mom. She would enjoy it and I don’t want to keep it all here. I plan on getting back on track with my healthier way of eating after the first of the year and all of the sugar in this mix is not on the plan!

White chocolate covered Oreos make cute snowman faces. I melted chocolate chips and dotted eyes and a line of dots for the mouth. I used the melted chocolate to attach an M&M for the nose. I also put M&Ms on the side for ear muffs. Too cute!

Another quick and yummy treat . . . square pretzels, put a Hershey’s kiss on each one (could use the hugs too) . . . place in a warm oven . . . mine was 170 degrees. Leave them in only until the kiss gets shiny and then take them out. Take an M&M and press down on the kiss. It will be soft and will melt into the pretzel. Very cute and easy. The kids had a lot of fun doing this.

I plan on making fudge tonight. Someone sent me a recipe for what they call the easier fudge recipe ever. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t confirm the results. I will post about that later. But here is the recipe:

I received this from a friend, sounds good! She used chocolate frosting & peanut butter chips, you can use any combo.

This is the best easiest recipe in the world for fudge. And the fudge is the best!! I can’t stay out of this fudge!

1 12 ounce package baking chips

1 tub frosting

nuts (optional)

Microwave for 3 minutes.


Pour in wax paper lined baking dish.

Sets in 2 minutes.

I am going to make hermits tomorrow. They are my favorite holiday cookie. Really speaks Christmas to me. I was going to make them today. But my step-mom and step-brother are coming over tomorrow and I want the house to smell nice and spicy from the baking cookies. It will make up for the house being less than clean. Most of the family have colds. The priority has been to take care of them and to make the goodies that are important to us all. The house may not get cleaned up this week but that’s ok, that’s ok, that’s ok . . . right? I know it is. I just have to keep reminding myself that people are more important than things.

Well, that’s our home just two days before Christmas. I am trying to calm and a peace during this hectic time and the anticipated family stress. I wish God’s blessings on all who read my musings, rantings and whinings here. Merry Christmas.

Immersed in the Mystery,

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