Why oh why did I believe that just two of my children would get the stomach flu? Why oh why did I think I would get off that easy?!?!?!?! Of course not! While I was sitting here, typing a comment to Belinda, I heard a strangely familiar sound … couldn’t quite get my mind to register what it was … oh yes … OH NO!!!! Drew is leaning over the bed, spewing all over the lego and toy covered carpet (don’t even get me started on the stuff that wasn’t put away in that room today … needless to say it is all in the trashcan now!)

I hate carpet. I HATE carpet. I would rather have concrete floors than carpet. At least, I would feel like I could clean up after a mess like tonight. That carpet is never going to be clean, it is soaked down to the pad. This carpet is old and has been throw up on, spilled on, peed on, stomped on for over eleven years. This is going to have to be a priority … and I will not replace it with carpet.

As I am finishing this up … Stephen is groaning with a stomach ache … and I have a steady mantra … Please try to make it to the bathroom. Please try to make it to the bathroom.

Ok, off to try an nurture the sick.

Immersed in the Mystery,

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