Ok, so what’s up with the month of November?! You can write a novel, you can post something, anything daily on your blog, you can create art … and NOW how about Drawing?

Doesn’t everyone know how busy November is? Seriously, even if I didn’t have four birthdays, my anniversary, a national holiday plus some other things I think I am supposed to remember, it’s the month before Christmas month. And I HAVE to redeem Christmas this year after spending last year in a blue funk.

Why not just ignore these great ideas? Because I WANT to do them. All of these things interest me. But, if I am busy playing artist and writer (and trust me, I bet there are more things out there to do in November) when am I suppose to fulfill all of my other roles. Wait, just had a great idea! Hhhhm, I am thinking I should just make all of this part of our home education. What think ye? A month of writing and art?

Yes! Let’s create and call it educational. Sounds like a plan to me!

Immersed in the Mystery,

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