Check out this interview with Derek Webb at Infuze.

Here’s a selection of quotes:

So much of this is me just chasing my own tail, figuring out what concerns me individually and then using the gifts that I have and the resources that I have to engage those concerns professionally. How do I use the tools that I have lyrically and musically or melodically in order to agitate people toward engaging issues that I think are important to engage?

All I know is that the majority of Christian art, or that which is categorized as Christian art, only deals in the most spiritual 2% of life. I don’t know why that is. It’s a mystery to me – us talking only about transcendent moments of worship and the afterlife. It’s no wonder most people view Christianity as irrelevant to modern life. If you look at what is being expressed about the Christian worldview by way of its art, then it is irrelevant to modern life.

So I’m happy with low to moderate success and low to moderate record sales. I hope I never sell more than I sell right now. I’m well off the radar. I get to do what I want exactly the way that I want.

I think our culture needs a lot of different types of art and a lot of different artists speaking to a lot of different things in different ways. I’m cool with people not liking my music. My music is not for everybody. I’m a niche within a niche within a niche and I’m happy doing that.

Here’s the bottom line, and this is what the church constantly forgets, is that we’re diverse members of one body. Hard as it is for even me to remember, we are all called into different types of work. It’s completely natural and normal and fine for all of us to totally disagree in terms of how to do the work that’s set before us. It’s okay for us to reach different conclusions on how to do the work, what that work looks like, and the way we do it. What it amounts to is me coming in through the window and someone else through the door, but we’re building the same kingdom. We’re all working toward the same ultimate goals of bringing the kingdom to bear, the being made right of all things. That’s really ultimately the work we are all engaged in.

The problem comes when we try to convince one another that the way that we do it is the more correct or more spiritual way of doing it. We’re members of a diverse body. Every word in that sentence is important. So I’m satisfied to be just a cog in the wheel in the kingdom building machine. I’m okay with others doing it in different ways that I don’t necessarily understand. I’m not gifted to do it their way, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to do it their way. But I am not going to frame it that we all have to be doing the same thing, living in the same part of town, engaged in the same things. That’s when we run into problems.

Immersed in the Mystery,

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