On my old blog, I posted my ten favorite movies which ended up being a list of my nine favorite movies with one floater spot … I like the versatility of being able to say that any movie I love is on my top ten list.

But there are those movies, which really just aren’t going to be on the top ten list but captivate me nonetheless. Often, these movies play on TBS over and over and no matter what, I can’t turn them off … I sit, mesmerized, watching even though I have viewed them dozens of times before.

So, my new list is Top Ten Movies that I Can’t Turn Off . . .

1. Space Camp … I know, I know. But this movie captures me every chubby Max to the Man in Black.

2. Two Weeks Notice: I love Hugh Grant in this movie … his facial expressions are priceless. He and Sandra Bullock are a great team

3. A Knight’s Tale: The seamless modern take on the medieval era is fun. The music grabs me from the start and I watch each jousting match with bated breath.

4. What a Girl Wants: Colin Firth may not be Mr. Darcy in this movie but Henry Dashwood is quite lovable. I like the message in this one better than in Princess Diaries … just be yourself and let people love you for who you are.

5. Serendipity: You may be surprised it doesn’t make the real list, given my love for John Cusack. But, it’s not that great of a movie … but I LOVE it. I watch it over and over … and usually forget that I have seen it before.

6. Father of the Bride 2: Not as crazy about the first one, but love this one. Martin Short cracks me up and my favorite scene is the drive to the hospital and George Banks face rolls up and down with the window.

7. You’ve Got Mail: Just the sweetest movie. My 20 yod and I were talking about it today after purchasing new pencils this week … reminded of us the offer of pencil bouquets in the movie. Meg Ryan is just too cute!

8. Remember the Titans: I love this type of sports movie and this one is my favorite. The actors portrayed the characters in such an engaging way. Great music too.

9. Jerry Maguire: Ok, ok, I HATE this movie … truly, it is on the top of my list of movies that I hate but if it is on tv, I cannot seem to cut it off. I just keep watching and watching. Ugh.

10. and of course, this has to be my floater spot. You had to see that coming! This week, number ten would be The Indian in the Cupboard: Just found this for five bucks at Bloom … Yeahness! I think one of my children should name a grandchild Omri … just love that little guy. Sort of weird to realize that the actor is now the same age as my oldest daughter … 23!!! Oh my!

What movies would you add to the list?

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