Listening to Trumpet Child by Over the Rhine, getting in the mood to see them live at The Handlebar this coming weekend.

Today, just today because it all may change tomorrow, I want to make I’m on a Roll my theme song:

I’m On A Roll

Black flamenco shoes
Dahlias in my hair
Garters on my stockings
The sidewalk bends to stare
I’m on a roll

Ambition may be blind
Diamonds come from coal
You provide the rhythm babe
I’ll provide the soul
I’m on a roll

This oyster is my world
My oyster’s got a pearl
This ain’t no dress rehearsal
I’m a very lucky girl
I’m on a roll

Tastes sweet on my lips
Tender on my tongue
All the road’s ahead of me
Oh the night is young
I’m on a roll

I’m on a roll
Just like I oughta
I’m on a roll
I can’t be bothered
I’m on a roll
I want the whole enchilada
I’m on a roll

Baby’s got his bullhorn
Confetti’s in the air
We’re shakin’ up Show Ponies
‘Cause we haven’t got a care
I’m on a roll

I’m on a roll
Just like I oughta
I’m on a roll
I can’t be bothered
I’m on a roll
Cincinnati to Ensenada
I’m on a roll
From the thrift store to Prada
I’m on a roll
La de dah…

I’m not sure I am on a roll yet. It is more like I am teetering on the top of the incline, almost, almost but not quite, ready to make that first movement that will set me in motion. But I am identifying with wanting the whole enchilada … I am feeling deliciously selfish. Is that wrong? I have been taught all my life that it is … I must die to self. What do I mean by feeling selfish?

  • I want it all.
  • I want joy and peace and freedom.
  • I want a passionate marriage, intimate in all facets.
  • I want children who are teeming with life, who are connected with God, with themselves, with each other, with their community, with this kingdom of heaven which is now.
  • I want to be aware of creative spirit that pulses all around me, immersing myself in creative energy, encouraging others to discover their own creative soul.
  • I want to bring glory to my savior, my friend, my Lord Jesus, living my life in obedience to His Spirit, celebrating unity with God and those who love Him.
  • I want to love others more than my desire to be loved myself, trusting that my needs are already met in the love of the Father.
  • I want great conversations with kindred spirits, sharing laughter and good wine.
  • I want music that inspires me, art that sees into the depths of my heart, words that speak what I cannot.
  • I want to honor this earth that was created for mankind, being aware of what more I can do to tame the consumer beast.
  • I want to be a generous giver of my time, my energy, my resources.
  • I want to forgive, to bless, to serve.
  • I want to be a voice for those with no voice or with a small voice or who haven’t discovered their voice.
  • I want to challenge myself and others to be authentic, aware, and more than average.
  • I want to jubilate my identity as a woman and to acknowledge the equality that all woman are given in the kingdom of God.
  • I want it all.

Yearning for more . . .

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