Many things on my list of things to do yesterday, things that needed concentration and quiet. So, I packed up my bag and went to the library. Good idea except that I got so involved in working that I lost track of time and how long it had been since I ate or drank anything. Result? Pounding headache.

I am ever grateful that my children are older and when I was finally able to crawl into the house, they unloaded the car of books and groceries and for the most part led a quiet night for my recuperation.

By 8:00, the pain had eased a bit so I sat and watched the New Hampshire debates with my 21 yod. It was difficult to concentrate and I am thankful for transcripts today so I can read back over what I heard last night. I am also tickled that I can pull the one quote that made me giggle the rest of the night. It’s sad that this is the one statement that stood out to me … I don’t know, blame it on the medication, I guess.

Charlie Gibson talked about the real threat of a nuclear attack on an American city and asked the following question: “On the day after a nuclear weapon goes off in an American city, what would we wish we had done to prevent it? And what will we actually do on the day after?”

John Edwards, in the second sentence of his reply, said: ” The first thing is we have to immediately find out who’s responsible and go after them, and that is the responsibility of the president of the United States because if someone has attacked us with a nuclear weapon, it means they have nuclear technology . . .”

Ya think? Thank you for that clarification Captain Obvious.

I’m sorry. I am not being snarky. It truly made me laugh.

still giggling this morning . . .

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