I am painfully aware of how unaware I live my life sometimes, maybe most times. Probably we are all rushing from here to there, from this to that and aren’t noticing the people around us. People who are also oblivious to their surroundings. Sometimes, no matter my firm conviction to pay attention, to make a difference, to slow down, I close my eyes at night knowing it was just another day of shuffling through the day, eyes focused on me.

I have few moments captured by film or video of the births of my children. I was afraid that if I felt I could rely on an external still of the moment, I wouldn’t engage heart, soul and mind in creating my own freeze frame. It perplexes me to see parents lugging photo and video equipment through Disney World, trying to eternally capture each moment instead of engaging and making the moments captive within themselves. Admittedly, I tend to swing the other way to create balance and I probably don’t have enough pictures of the times of our lives. Gently reminding myself to stay in the middle.

Today, I would like to bring attention to a group that I think makes us stop in the busy tracks of our lives and pay attention, to question, to wonder. Whether we have ever been involved in one of their missions or just observed vicariously online, we each have the opportunity to interrupt the rut of life … for ourselves, for others.

ImprovEverywhere most beautifully represents the concept in Mission Freeze.

I am just so struck with how simple yet strong a statement was made in forcing others to recognize their fellow humans. Each frozen person looked like one element of a incredible piece of art.

Very powerful.

Many thanks and positive thoughts to Patti. She made me aware of the newest mission. I used to read her blog faithfully but somewhere along the way, it had slipped from my sight. It’s good to reconnect and now, thanks to GoogleReader, I will be able to keep up with her inspiring LIFE insight.

~~Grace and Peace~~

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