Good morning readers!

It is still morning here and hey, it is the first morning of Spring 2008! Yes! We have been enjoying mild Spring-like temperatures here in SC for weeks now and I am not complaining about that.

I’ve read several things this morning that I contemplated posting about and they are not even related in subject matter. What is the purpose, the theme of this blog? I have wrestled with this since I began blogging back in 2004. For awhile, my blog was hosted by a popular homeschool site and then another. Maybe, that was my primary focus back then. Lately it seems I never write about homeschooling.

Really, it’s just about my life. My life is about me, myself as a woman, as an artist, as follower of Jesus. It includes my husband, my children and how we love, live and learn together. It is about politics and religion and the environment. It can be as mundane as laundry, sick kids and what’s for dinner but as celebrated as a first grandchild, discovering myself or the first painting sold. My opinions are here, my questions are here, my tears and laughter are here. I am not on one particular soapbox and it all is evolving anyway. It would be ridiculous for me to choose one subject to put all my blogging energy into. Next year, next month, tomorrow may bring radical changes in those opinions and questions, in the cause of those tears and laughter.

I am honored at those who visit me regularly, who find something of value in the sharing of my life. Old friends, new friends, even family read here. My greatest desire is that I will be authentic here. Too much of my life has been lived behind masks. I want to be true to myself, for others.

This morning, while I can still call it morning, I must move on to the day. We have all been awake for awhile, some have gone to deliver food to the senior center, others have already made their breakfast, cleaned up and are outside enjoying the sunshine. I am in my favorite place, my studio. But the day calls.

Grace and Peace!

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