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My physical health is soaring and along with it my emotional health. Mentally, I am beginning to have more clarity than I have had in years. Spiritually … that’s an issue I am not willing to discuss right now. My focus today is on my creative health.

I haven’t been nurturing that part of my life lately. Other things have been crowding it out and I haven’t pursued it relentlessly. I want to be like Libby. I want to fight with that tenacity to keep moving forward, to make progress, to walk the slack lines in my creative life.

But there’s more.

I found this post about Libby Sauter today:

There’s Libby herself – the desire to do it, the determination to practice before she got there, accepting the missteps and falls and the necessity of getting back up and starting over again. You could hear her yell when she fell one time – she didn’t sound scared to me, she sounded pissed off.

There’s her coach. I could see the history in their relationship. So, he helped teach her, helped her get ready. Held her hand as she started the walk until she was ready to let go. (Did you SEE the wind blowing his shirt? Shudder.) He was tied off more heavily than her, so he could go get her when she couldn’t get up herself. The music was off during that successful attempt, and you could hear him talk to her non-stop: “Stay up, it’s yours, you got it. Don’t rush this last part. This is just a slackline to you now …” Then, there to celebrate.

That’s not all. There was the guy with the camera, breathing for her and cheering. The other women who were there – four video cameras and two stills, all with people attached. This was Libby Sauter’s victory, and she couldn’t have done it without them.

I do want to be like Libby. But I also want to be like her coach and like all those others who were cheering Libby on. I want to reach for my own stars but I want to be part of helping others reach for theirs. That is a beautiful picture of wellness, don’t you think?

~~ Grace and Peace ~~

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