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These two smiling boys are my youngest two children, Logan on the left and Noah on the right.

Todays post is inspired and dedicated to Noah.

Almost eleven years ago, Noah came into the world almost as blue as that shirt. A few scary moments but soon he was pink and crying. Crying and crying. It seems that the crying would never end. It was almost eighteen months before we identified the source of the wails and the rash on his arms and legs that grew more prominent each day. Noah was allergic to peanuts. There were a couple of other mild allergic reactions to wheat and dairy but those never seemed to bother him. The peanuts, thankfully, never caused him respiratory distress but would leave almost burn like marks on the creases of his elbows and knees if he ate something that had trace peanuts.

It wasn’t too hard to adjust his diet and the results were miraculous. The crying stopped and we felt like we had a new child. We slept, we laughed, we rejoiced.

For the next nine years, Noah rarely had any problems with his skin.

Then at Chrismas 2007, we noticed he was having a reaction to something. Several months of eliminating various foods didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Wheat and dairy were added to the list of foods to avoid and a few weeks of steroid creme cleared up his arms nicely. Of course, when we stopped using the creme, the rash reappeared. We requested an appointment with an allergist to try and pinpoint the underlying source to Noah discomfort.

If you can’t still see the picture, scroll back up and take a look at that smile. Noah is the most incredible kid. He has managed his allergies so well. He always knew to ask before consuming something away from home. So many trips to the grocery store, the other children were offered cookies from the bakery and Noah couldn’t share but he never complained. Once, Logan, in a fit of rage, threatened to kill Noah by spreading peanut butter on him.

As we added wheat and dairy to the no-no list, Noah still kept a great attitude. We would buy wheat free and dairy free foods and he would try anything. When his diet was limited to eating the same thing many times, he just kept going with a smile.

With the allergist appointment coming up, Noah was counting down the days. He nearly broke my heart when he told me that he wanted it to be anything but wheat. I asked him what he missed most that contained wheat. He said, “I can’t have pecan twirls at the beach.” You see, we are a family which honors traditions. Each time we would visit my Daddy at the beach, while the children played in the sand and the water, Daddy would pass out sun warmed pecan twirls to the children. Daddy died November 2004 and now my husband continues the tradition.

Last week, I mentioned my struggle with prayer and asking God for things. I am so unsure as to how this prayer thing works anymore. I wrote that post after an awkward conversation with God. I talked to God much like I am write here. Not much different at all. I shared my doubts, my skepticism, my desires. Basically, I told God that I didn’t even know if the way I used to pray was valid anymore but if it was I would pray for very specific things for my children. For Noah, I told God I would pray for him to be healed from all his allergies.

During a visit to the zoo yesterday with my friend, I called Noah over to show her his arms. Unbeknown to me, Noah had started clearing up a few days before. His skin was almost perfectly smooth. Immediately, my thoughts went back to that skeptical prayer. But, I just couldn’t get my hopes up.

Last night on the way home, I talked to God again and I told God that I really, really, really want to believe in prayer and in healing and in God. But, again, I shared my doubts, my fears, my confusion. I boldy asked God for a confirmation. With fear and trepidation, I asked God for Noah to have no indication of any allergies at his appointment today then I could believe.

Because of his varied diet and several pets and such, Noah was tested for fifty different things today. He lay on his stomach, a grid of oily dots covering his back while I read aloud to distract him while we waited. For fifteen long minutes, I would read. But I kept stealing glances at his back, checking for those raised red bumps which would indicate a reaction. It didn’t happen. Noah showed no allergic reaction to anything. Not even the peanut butter that had plagued his early young life.

All I can say is “Thank you God”. I humbly feel like my skepticism doesn’t deserve an answered prayer. But I am so grateful that you chose to strengthen the faith of me and my children. I pray this will direct me to my path of healing my beliefs about prayer.

In honor of Noah, I asked him to make a list of the thirteen foods that he is excited that he can now eat. In no particular order . . .

  1. Kentucky Fried Chicken – we had this today for lunch
  2. Pecan twirls
  3. Peanut butter – we had peanut butter chocolate brownies today also
  4. Cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera
  5. Ice Cream
  6. Peanut butter M&Ms
  7. Chic Fil A
  8. Peanut Butter Captain Crunch
  9. Apple Pie
  10. Fig Newtons
  11. Pizza
  12. Chicken Nuggets
  13. Gingerbread Cookies

Praying and Believing,

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