Logan is our last born and the first to have his name based specifically on the meaning.  We were still enduring the challenging months with Noah when I became pregnant with Logan.  I went looking for a name meant peaceful spirit, determined to bring into existence a peaceful child.  The choices were: Frederick, Oliver and Logan.  Though Frederick is a family name, it seemed to old fashioned for our family.  Oliver would have worked had it not been for the years of watching Green Acres.  So, Logan it was and is.

I am not sure that I am seeing a peaceful spirit with Logan or the God’s sense of humor.  Logan is simply intense.  When he is peaceful, he is intensely peaceful.  When he is happy, he is intensely happy.  When he is frustrated, he is intensely frustrated. I think you get the picture.

Logan has a great eye for detail and for sorting those details to make sense.  When we would read picture books to him, he would point out if the pictures didn’t exactly match the story being read.  That attention to detail is applied in anything he does … art, math, building legos.  I think it is what makes playing football or board games with his siblings challenging. He is aware of everything going on and usually is making judgments to what is fair and unfair to him.

Beyond a doubt, Logan has taught me the most about parenting.  These have been valuable lessons about communication, flexibility, mutual respect that I have been able to apply not only to him but to how I relate with the others as well.  He is only eight years old; I am sure there are more lessons to come.

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