Confession:  I fell in love with the name Noah while watching those first seasons of ER.  No, I did not have a crush on Noah Wylie but yes, I was taken with the name Noah.  I even had a middle name for him and it was all tucked away waiting.  For a brief time, Chris and I contemplated not having any more children and I sadly said to him, “But then I won’t have my Noah Shepherd”

Thankfully, we changed our minds and Noah came to us.  After a stress filled pregnancy, after a long emotional labor, Noah arrived … blue.  I am sure it was only a few moments but it seemed like hours before his shallow breathing deepened and brought pink to his cheeks.  Then the pink wouldn’t leave for months and months, it stayed and with it, almost constant crying.  He was eighteen months old before we figured out he had some significant food allergies that were tormenting him.  Eliminate the peanut butter, the wheat, the dairy and we had a totally different child.  You can read about God answering my prayer for Noah’s healing here.

Noah’s name means comforter.  Reflecting today on his beginnings and it doesn’t seem appropriate.  I certainly didn’t feel then that he was bringing comfort to our lives.  In the past few years though, I have become aware of how tuned in Noah is to circumsances around him and how he wants to comfort those who are struggling.  He certainly did that during my season of upheaval.  His general happy acceptance of life has certainly been a comfort also.

The thing that people notice first about Noah when they meet our family is that he is much shorter and smaller than his brother who is two and a half years younger than he.  He takes after a 4’11” grandmother on one side and a 5’3″ grandfather on the other.  Noah shouldn’t be judged by his size but by who he is.  Trust me that the person in that little frame is larger than perceived.

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