Hey Everybody and Happy New Year!

It’s going to be a GREAT year!  You want to know how I know?  Today, I was mistaken for the sister of my 22 yod … YES!! What a way to start the year, huh?

I have enjoyed my time away but wasn’t as true to my fast as I would have liked.  It’s difficult to live life without email in our technologically driven culture.  Check for a pertinent email and it is so easy to get sucked into checking into this or that.  But, I did create some margin and did a create a few projects.  Not as many as I wanted as my creative energy waned in the wake of internalized stress.

Each year, I say that I am not going to stress over the holidays.  This year, I thought was different but eventually stress was manifesting in my physical body and I thought I was teetering on the edge of depression again.  Just after I had told someone that I accepted awhile ago that depression is something I will live with all my life and need to be aware of that so I can recognize the symptoms.  Two days later, I was slammed with the symptoms and I was frightened that I was entering a spiral downward just at a season in my life when so many things were going well.

Eventually, I came to realize it was just the holiday stress that I had been ignoring.  Once acknowledged, it lost its control over me and life continued with a bit more ease.

A few days ago, I remarked with astonishment that it was almost 2009.  My husband shifted his eyes at me and said, “This is going to be year of change.”  WHAT?!  That is NOT what I expected to hear from this man who usually doesn’t entertain prophetic claims.  It gave me pause and I wonder how seriously I should take those words.  I think I will hold them loosely and walk forward into this New Year with positive anticipation.

I stumbled across a post by Christine Kane today where she encourages us to rethink this idea of New Years Resolutions.  Her suggestion is to choose a word to hold ” in your mind throughout the year, and let your word guide you to take action.”  She gives a list of words and an invitation to SHOUT OUT our word to the universe.  I guess my husband’s word would be change.  Mine isn’t on her list.

My word for 2009 is RHYTHM.  It is my hope is to create rhythm of creative energy in my life that will carry us from one loving moment to a living moment to another learning moment.

To all my friends, old and new and yet to be made and to all my family I pray a year of strength and hope, of love and justice, of grace and peace.  I love you all!

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