Several things have attached to my heart and are drawing me back to blogging.  Rachelle Mee-Chapman’s Thursday 8 Things Meme is one.  I have been writing responding posts in my head for awhile, yet never taking the time to actually get it all down here.

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This week especially called to me:

So, what *8 Songs connect you to the Divine? Songs that aren’t classically “religious” or “church music” but create a harmonic bridge to all things holy. Songs that soothe the soul. Songs that encourage and shore you up. Songs that connect you to something bigger and beyond, or more deeply and truly to the here/now. What songs are just Good Medicine? Do tell…and if you have time link us to online versions and youtube videos, just for fun. Here’s my list of *8 Songs for the Soul.

How could I resist the opportunity to list 8 songs that connect me to the Divine, to the Spirit that lives within me.  But I have driven myself crazy trying to find just the right songs.  It’s too difficult to choose because one song will be perfect for one day yet another for another.  Instead, I think I will just list 8 artists who woo my heart, singing my pain and my joy, exposing my spirit to the world where I must choose to follow to the heights and depths of love and life.

Rosie Thomas

Over the Rhine

Josh Garrels


Sister Hazel

The Dirt and the Flood

Jennifer Knapp

Various Soundtracks … Les Miserables, Rent, Across the Universe, Once, etc

and when I am looking for something that would be considered more classically religious, I love the projects from Enter the Worship Circle

Ok, yeah, I know it is more than 8 things.  I am never good at staying between the lines.  I’ll leave you now to explore some music.

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