It’s time to be done here.

I have spent five years blogging, first in one place, then another, finally settling down here at wordpress.

So much of who I am and why I am has been written here and friends have been made.  I am ever grateful for the support and encouragement that I was given during some of the darkest moments.  Sometimes, much was being written but it was only a bit of what was being lived.  Those that took the time to say, “hang in there. keep believing. keep writing.” … they gave me life.

Now, having said all of this, I am not ceasing to write, to blog.  I am just moving.  It’s time to move past this part of my journey.  I am not who I was and my trajectory has changed, I think.  I could continue writing here but symbolically, I think it is important to start fresh, from a new place.

So, all five of you who follow my blog, I hope you continue to walk with me.

The new place is stil  A Life Profound.

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