Friday nights are the highlight of my week. Despite the difficulty that I have sitting still, not multitasking and focusing my attention for 90 – 120 minutes on a movie, I have a firm commitment with my children each Friday. We have homeschool co-op in the morning and afternoon, then we go pick up groceries, buying pizza for dinner then home to watch a movie together.

I have watched tons of movies with them through the years but usually while doing something else, making lists, reading, catching up on emails. But about two years ago, I decided that they deserve my whole attention and I have disciplined myself to sit with them, without distractions.

It has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

Tonight, we watched Disney’s Tarzan. I marvel that my eighteen year old daughter and my sixteen year old son still want to watch these family movies. In fact, the sixteen year old son chose Tarzan tonight and sometime in the near future, I think Beauty and the Beast is on the agenda. I love that they love this movie mostly for the music, that they know and love Phil Collins. I have to say it … I have the coolest kids!

Here’s to family pizza/movie night!

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