it’s eleven-thirty. Another day of stalling. I don’t know where to begin. I wrote down a list but can’t seem to write the first words.

Ok. Here we go.

If you ever go to a movie and there is a person there with a particularly LOUD laugh, that would not be me. That would be Katie, my second daughter. It’s quite an experience to attend a movie with her and most of the time, I find myself in stitches because her laugh is that contagious.

But where did she get that laugh? Well, I think I know that answer to that question.

Today I had coffee with a friend and at one point something very funny was said (oh, I wish that I could remember what it was) and I slid down in my chair as the laughter burst forth from my mouth, almost echoing in the coffee shop. Yeah, it’s from me. I have a loud laugh, a great laugh, a shake the bed type of laugh. My husband always says that I have a great smile and while I don’t agree with him on that one I do like my laugh.

And laughter is a huge part of who we are as a family. We love nothing better than sitting around after a meal, sharing stories, telling jokes, shouting over the noisy conversation. The laughter flows freely and with great volume. Those are some of my most treasured moments. Somehow the laughter weaves in and around us, drawing together these many different people. I like the way my laugh mingles with theirs. After my life is over, I hope that my children will look back and say, “She laughed with gusto!”

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