December 22 – Travel

How did you travel in 2010?

How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

(Author: Tara Hunt)

I took two trips this year. Both to Florida. One to Daytona and one to Orlando.

Both times it was a road trip with my nineteen year old daughter, Molly.

We listened to music. Talked. Laughed. She’s really a wonderful traveling partner. Confident on the road, comfortable driving or navigating, welcoming of chatter or quiet.

Looking toward 2011, I don’t know what traveling I’d like to do. I’m a blank slate in this area. It’s probably a good thing. Despite my desire to stay close to home, to hunker down and just be here and work and play, I am sure opportunities will come swift and sure to venture out into the surrounding world.

There will be trips to nearby towns to enjoy their art museums and parks. There might be a trip or two to the next state to hear a favorite author. We might even take on a couple of camping trips and most definitely there will be some hiking trips.

As for my daughter Molly. She’s definitely going to be traveling next year. A big beautiful trip to Europe. I’d love to be her companion on this ultimate road/air/train trip but this time I will be traveling with her in spirit only.

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