December 26 – Soul Food

What did you eat this year that you will never forget?

What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

(Author: Elise Marie Collins)

There’s only been one thing that I couldn’t stop talking about this year … Salted English Toffee Hot Chocolate from my local coffee shop.  I found a photo and recipe from BlissTree but it is for Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate which I do think tastes different. I like the toffee flavor better.

I had it with a friend, shared it with my husband, took another friend there and then husband delivered a cup to me one day when he picked me up.  It wasn’t quite the same not being in a real mug with a heap of whipped cream though … but still good.

I know, I know … you all thought I would say Mexican Corn that I tried in Epcot.  I did tweet about it over and over. I have since discovered that it is called Elote and is typically an on-the-cob dish. What I ate was off the cob and I am going to alter this recipe.

Can I just say that it is EXCELLENT with your favorite margarita?!?!!


There is a deeper element to this question though.  What did I take into my mouth that touched my soul.  At first, I thought, well, anytime I am with my family and friends around a meal my soul is touched. And that is true. But that’s now the deeper answer. Instead it is inexplicably this:
bread and wine #1
This is the great mystery in my life. There is so much I don’t know … so much that I am not sure that I believe. But every time, in every situation, with every people, when I take the bread and the wine, the body and the blood … I am being transformed. It is not that my soul was touched … but that it is being touched. Continuously. Perpetually. And I can’t explain it and it is this that somehow keeps me connected and keeps me fighting for my faith.

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