Today I discovered just how much I can paint in an hour.

It wasn’t a lesson that I set out to learn. In fact, I did NOT want to paint today. My heart was void of inspiration and the work I had to do was less about creative expression and more about fine tuning what I have already started.

But I decided to make and honor a commitment.

Life is busy. Has it ever not been busy? If I am not physically running from this to that to another thing, my mind is certainly running that hectic maze. As I tend to be an all or nothing type of girl, I find it difficult to go to the easel unless I have a chunk of time. I like to start and at least finish my vision in one sitting. (or standing, as I usually am standing, swaying and dancing while I paint) But life is busy and doesn’t accommodate long sessions of creative work right now.

Today I discovered that those long sessions are not needed in order to make progress. I reluctantly went to my easel and decided to give it one hour. I painted for awhile and thought that much time had passed. I checked the time and it had only been half an hour. From that point on, I became a clock-watcher. I still didn’t want to be painting. In fact, it felt much like drudgery and I celebrated when the hour was up.

Then I stood back and realized just how much progress I had made in that one hour and realized that I owe it to myself, to my creative spirit, to devote at least an hour each day to painting. Sure, many days, I might be able to paint longer but I am not going to rob myself of moving forward just because there aren’t hunks of time.

So many things that are on my to-do list would take less than ten minutes. Why then do I lean toward procrastination?

There is a question to explore another day. For today, I can be pleased that I painted one hour and I can celebrate where these baby steps will take me.


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