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This is not who I want to be

nor who I am becoming

This is who I am.

I am Aberash

radiating light

as a woman,a mother soul,

a creator,

I adorn, embellish,


with love

that brings

the truth of the soul


Divine Sacred

Feminine Energy

Feminine Wisdom

roots deep

into my soul

digging deeper still

revealing a woven tapestry

of you and you and you

together we are just as I am

and our arms of love

gather and extend

sway to and fro

back and forth

a constellation offering

A tree of wild and free living

 Tree of Living Wild and Free

What is this greatness

within me

the soul blood

that flows through my veins

in and out of this tiger heart

Though doubt and uncertainty visit

Those do not abide within me

Instead, it is courage

that brings me

again and again

to my life

Tiger Courage

For I am an alchemist

conjuring, creating, calling forth

from the elemental depths

the good, the peace, the love

that we are.

For I am a warrior

committed, contending, crying out

for the manifestation

of the contiguous circles

that we are.

Warrior Alchemist

My exploration is unfinished

stalled in a mist

of too much effort

and not enough rest

The pause that creates space

the stillness that allows for a breath

the slowness that draws

the heart deeper within the story

The rest has been missing

I must reclaim this rest

before taking up the story again.

Without it, I lose my way

snarled in the tangled maze

of too much effort

and not enough rest.


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