Who’s Life?

That would be mine, Cynthia.


What would you need to know about me? What would give you insight to this person who writes here . . . who records thoughts, dreams, tears, laughter, questions and sometimes answers.

There used to be a list of things I would run down to tell you about me.

I am a wife … of one man, strong and handsome. He is the love of my life and I am ever grateful for his patience and willingness to grow.

I am a mother … of many. Nine children have been nurtured in my womb, in my home. They have taught me to live, to laugh, and to love like I never knew was possible.

Most importantly, I used to think, would be for you to know that I am a Christian. But I hardly even use that label anymore … it is a word that as been franchised and used for control, power and harm and I hardly tolerate identifying myself as such. The dilemma is that there are no other terms that really fit. Then I wonder why I need to tell you what I am, who I am … wouldn’t my words, my actions speak louder than a label anyway?

As you visit here, and I hope that you return frequently, you will come to know me through the stories that I tell, through the passions that I share, through the life I portray with my words. It’s all too intricate to be told in a few paragraphs … it takes time to know a life.

Stick around.

7 thoughts on “Who’s Life?”

  1. You said, “Then I wonder why I need to tell you what I am, who I am … wouldn’t my words, my actions speak louder than a label anyway?”

    Absolutely love that.

  2. angelgal3176 said:

    I agree with the above comment….

    In my journey as a Christian…first, I was one, accepting Jesus in my heart and all that. Then I listened to others. Then, I got concerned with labels, because yes it’s been misused as a weapon of power and subjugation for most of it’s history, and I didn’t want to be considered part of THAT.

    But, when I came back to the fold, as it were, it was in part because I realized that MY journey as a Christian is just that, MY journey, and I influence how I am seen as a Christian (and thus others as well) by my actions. It’s not always easy, and I believe and KNOW that more often that not, I fail…but I’m not supposed to be doing it on my own, that’s what Jesus is there for.

    Not trying to preach, just letting you know I agree with the whole label thing, and wanted to impart my own journey as such. :-D

    BTW, I like your site, you are definitely going on “the list”. (I’ve got a daily list that I at least try to visit. It’s under “daily visits” in my bookmarks on the browser and on my del.icio.us account :-))

  3. Yup, that’s also been a dilemma of mine, people would always ask me questions and think that I know all the Bible answers and then look me in a microscope, watch when I’m going to make a mistake.

  4. Aww, sweet victory! Love to read your story. Mine is similar–but different. It’s refreshing and enlightening to hear yours and to know I am not alone.
    See you at the flock!

  5. I am also currently going through what I call a Spiritual Dilemma–I was not raised with any religion and therefore had not adopted any particular faith. But then the question is, “where do I fit?” I’m learning, slowly, that I fit where I place myself–I haven’t got quite there yet though. So I’m on my own Sacred Journey and am trying to be open to where it will lead me. Apparently we’re supposed to enjoy the journey because that’s the most important thing! I’m learning that too! ;o)

  6. Ceanne,

    There is a post brewing in my mind right now about fitting where I place myself. I am so tired of others trying to claim that authority, deciding if I fit or not and what I need to do to measure up. I seem this most prevalent within the groups that claim to know freedom. It is as if they are so closely guarding their definition of freedom that no one else ever really fits.

    Hogwash, says I!

    I fit where I place myself. Yes.

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