Though Elena has recently ceased writing Wellness Wednesday posts, it has come to my life at just the right time. The motivation for my 101 lists was to make good positive changes for my health, my wellness.

I recognize that this means more than just my physical health. That seems to be my focus right now as I am in full force of a 40 day raw food challenge which has stripped me of meat, sugar, dairy, caffeine. There have been a few times that I have eaten a bit of those things during my challenge but I have not fallen victim to thoughts of failure. I remind myself that I am becoming a high raw vegan and I just pick up and move back in step. What joy! What freedom!

It has been two weeks now and I feel wonderful for the most part. Yesterday was a cruddy day. I embraced a headache in the late afternoon and evening which was accompanied by nausea. I have not taken any medication for these detox headaches. Whoo hoo! I have been able to rest and get through them. It just seemed counter intuitive to load my liver with toxins to fight when I was already fighting so many.

My energy levels are going up, my mind is clearer, my weight is going down. I try, try, try not to focus on that weight number. I sense that eating this way will bring me to my natural weight and I want to be happy with that. My knees will be grateful for some pounds to be gone though. I had my husband take some before pictures and really quite honestly, I am so proud of this body that has birthed nine babies and nurtured nine infants as they grow.

We are getting on routine here and the children are loving it. They are the ones who are keeping me on schedule. Well, not really schedule but there is a proposed rhythm to the day that has been written on the freezer. We just refer to that to keep us going. It feels good to be tackling home projects and plugging back into a more active role as their education fascilitator. It feels good to be taking care of myself so that I can have the energy for all the rest.

I have added walking and yoga to my daily routine. Walking is probably one of my favorite ways to exercise though roller skating would be right up there too. Maybe I can start that up again soon. I am on such a learning curve with the yoga. I see now why they call it practicing yoga. But I can feel where my body is weak and know that this will move me closer to greater strength, flexibility and stamina.

Part of my Wellness plan is to be in bed on time so I am going to stop now.

~~ Grace and Peace ~~

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