Dear sister, my woman friend, fellow feminine spirit … to every daughter and every mother …

I write for you. I create for you. I believe for you.

Every moment that I am trying to be is not for myself only but for all of us. My heart’s desire: To live the message that we matter, our voice is necessary and important, what we do and who we are and how we move through our lives is a beautiful song, rising up through the universe, proclaiming our truth, our freedom.

You are not alone, you have not been sent to the corner to deal with your shame, you do not have to hide under the covers. Come out, come out, come out. Dance with me. Raise your arms to the sky and twirl and spin until there is not one negative breath left, then fall to the ground and let the earth embrace you, nourish you and raise you up again.

Stand proudly, walk tall, lift your eyes.

You are glorious.

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