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Wylde Woman Wednesday

How to recognize Wylde Women:

They listen to their heart.

They take at least one step every day

toward following what they hear.

They are not afraid of the dark.

They recognize fear of the unknown

as the norm for someone creating a new path.

They take their step(s) despite the fear.

They find a person or a group or a community to walk with them.

They are not afraid of their own power, and so

They believe that dreams can come true.

They persist.

They persist.

They persist.

Tammy Vitale

This is going to be my favorite weekly blog post! I have encountered so many wonderful women in my life … family, friends, creative women on the web and it makes me bounce up and down in my seat with SO much joy to be able to celebrate them and share them with you!

Today’s Wylde Woman is Connie Hozvicka at Dirty Footprints Studio.  I stumbled across her website sometime last year and immediately felt like I had discovered a soul sister in another part of the country.  When she got her dreadlocks back in October, it was confirmed (at least on my end!)

Her vlogs creative juicy episodes are the creme de la creme … So much love and enthusiasm and encouragement oozes through the screen!  Belly love is her blogging journey of not just body love … but body care and she lovingly reminds us to unplug occasionally just to create art.

Connie is the fearless leader of several online painting workshops .. Big and Deep.  I am taking the BIG workshop now and there are not words to express how much is happening in me artistically in just third week of the class. On one hand, I can hardly wait to see what completing this course will do but on the other, I don’t want this to end!  I really feel like I am being infused with fearlessness!

So  … go visit Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio … but only if you dare to be fearless and creative and juicy and BIG and DEEP and … WYLDE!

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