It is important to know when a useful tool has become a noose around your neck.

Here’s the ugly truth.

I am a blog addict.

I love reading personal blogs, culling recipes from food blogs, adding to my reading list from book blogs, gathering ideas from art blogs. Google Reader simplified that process for me by allowing me to have it ALL in ONE place!

This is a good thing. It saves time, right? I don’t have to click through a bunch of different websites. It’s all there in one place.

It’s deceptive though. It’s a tool that allows me to believe I am not spending that much time on the internet, that I am not trying to absorb that much information … useful and useless.

No one needs to try to read as many blogs as I do. No one needs to try to keep up with that many people and what they have to say.

Let me make myself perfectly clear. Everyone of those bloggers has something to offer; their voice is needed and important. I believe that. I support that and encourage it.

But I have to know my own boundaries and know when something good and useful has turned into something that clutters my life.

In celebration of creating space for myself, I am whittling down the feeds in my Google Reader … again. I am re-implementing a rule that I’ve ignored lately. I know my tendencies. I know that I will pile more and more and more onto my plate … more than any one person can ingest, digest and enjoy. My rule has been that if I add a feed to my Google Reader, I have to take off two feeds. This makes me really consider what I want to add and what I want to keep reading. It’s time to apply that rule again.

The ultimate lesson here though is to be aware of those time-saving devices, those technological innovations, those things that are supposed to make our lives better.

Be aware


That very useful tool may become a noose around your neck.

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