I love synchronicity!

It happens to me so often.

An idea, a concept, a goal will be part of my conscious thought and I take a look around to find other people confirming what I am holding in my heart.

It happened yesterday.

I wrote about practice because I had to.

It is what had to be written.

Then I went and checked my google reader and immediately found two posts bolstering my own thought process.

In the first, Danielle Nelson delivers a double whammy of goodness and confirmation. Not only does she write about practice but about doing just one thing which echoes my intention mantra for my yoga practice right now, “Do this one thing now.”

Stop perfecting. Start practicing. – Danielle Nelson


Next Anne Phyfe Palmer writes at 8 Limbs Yoga about yoga advice she received

You have to practice to continue to know yourself.

Now THAT is a beautiful concept and now I am thinking about it applied to areas other than yoga.

I practice my art in order to know myself.

I practice kindness in order to know myself.

I practice meditation in order to know myself.

Yes, I think it applies to many areas of living.

What do you think?

What are you practicing in order to know yourself?

What one thing will you do now?

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